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About Us

Owners and operators of Free Spirit White Dove Release
Howard and Pat Kamarata.

Free Spirit White Dove Release
proudly serves the north Phoenix area and Maricopa County with White Dove Releases for weddings, funerals, or any special occasion.  Please contact us so that we can assist you in planning your event. 

We are members of the International White Dove Society and adhere to their Code of Ethics concerning the treatment of our doves, and invite you to ask any questions tha that you may have. 

About White Dove Releases

Because our doves are precious, we take every precaution to protect them and assure their safety. We raise well trained, well cared for WHITE DOVES, from white racing pigeon stock. These are also known as Rock Doves or Columba livia. They can return home from many miles, and they usually beat us home.  The birds are in no way harmed -- in fact, they are capable of flying hundreds of miles to find their way home. Their health, happiness and safety are our primary concern.

About the Doves

While DOVE is the term we use symbolically, the flocks are actually white homing pigeons. There is virtually no difference between doves and pigeons. The white racing homers we use in our dove releases are descendants from the rock dove. The main distinguishing factor between doves and pigeons is that doves are generally smaller than pigeons. Doves mate for life and symbolize Love, Peace, Fidelity, Prosperity and Good Luck.

After the doves are released, they use their remarkable ability to fly home.  This enables them to fly great distances and naturally find their way back to their loft. Keen senses of hearing, smell, and sight, and the ability to read magnetic fields are some of the tools they use to complete their journey.

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Professional Member of the International White Dove Society

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